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Welcome to SSJC.com where we bring you some of the finest silver products for costumer jewelry and fine bridal jewelry. We regularly add new products and educational articles on silver jewelry on our website. Remember to bookmark this page and check back regularly!

Here are some details of silver products you can find on the website…

necklace silverBasic 925 Sterling Silver: Should be kept in an air tight bag with the air squeezed out to prevent oxidation (tarnishing).

Oxidized Silver: Is done to cause an antique effect.

Italian Silver: Has a much higher sheen and will not tarnish as fast.

Liquid Italian Silver: Is the same for it’s high sheen, but is generally made into tubing for bracelets and necklaces.

Alpaca Silver: Used for Peruvian Jewelry – An alloy of zinc, nickel, and iron. It has properties similar to stainless steel, which means is does not rust or tarnish.

All watches have the battery off to assure a longer life when they arrive to our customers.


All rings are .925 Sterling Silver and contain Genuine Gemstones where that applies.


Our charms will eventually be one of our largest sections. You can find charm bracelet chains in the chains section. SSJC still believes in the old fashioned charm bracelets. Your charm bracelet is a piece of your personality. Each charm you wear depicts a different part of you.


All handcrafted Peruvian jewelry is made with Alpaca Silver. Please read our section on Beaded Peruvian Jewelry for more information.


If you’re interested in purchasing one of our Claddagh rings, but are not familiar with the symbolism or how to wear them, please read the short Claddagh section.


All toe rings are .925 Sterling Silver and “one size fits all”.


All gemstones are Genuine and the descriptions are as accurate as we can possible get. Some of the Gemstones you will find include Black Onyx, Emeralds, Garnets, Rubies, Amethyst, Peridot, Citrines, Blue Topaz, Blue Sapphires, Turquoise, Jasper, Cat`s Eyes, Lupis Lazuli, Jade and Malachite. If you’re interested in any specific stone, try our SEARCH/SUBMIT BUTTON for faster access.

Feel free to email us with questions you have.