Hi, I received the dove pin that was ordered and it is perfect. My sister-in-law’s father passed away and a white dove landed on the window sill of his hospital room. She took it as a sign of his soul passing away on “the wings of the dove”. Think her mother will enjoy wearing the white dove pin as a reminder of her husband. My sister-in-law’s parents were from Holland. I understand that making sure the window is open when someone passes away assures the soul to depart. Lovely tradition. The visit from the white dove was an amazing surprise for the family. Thanks again for your good customer service and quality product. I am sure I will be visiting your site again.

HI, Many thanks for your message. I had asked several vendors the same question on this item, and you’re the only one to date who had the courtesy to give me a reply. I’ve gone ahead and made the purchase from your site just a moment ago, including payment through Paypal as well. By the way, your shipping costs were also more reasonable than most sites. Thanks again – I appreciate follow-through like this very much.

I searched and searched the internet to replace my favorite earrings-I lost one as you can see in the photo. If you ever have another set I’ll buy them. Thank you so, so much.
J. M.

Hi, I just placed an order today. I had to tell you I love the Peruvian style jewelry! I also prefer to deal with smaller “mom and pop” stores. I read your “about me” section. You’re right..they are more personal and friendly. My friend told me that she had some sort of problem ordering on your site, and when she told you, you gave her a very special deal for her trouble. Now, that’s service! For the both of us, thank you for being here..we support you 100%. I’ll be back!
Susan V.

I received the lockets today. They are beautiful. These are replacements for what some thieves took last summer. Thank you for your extreme good deals. I would not have otherwise been able to replace them.

Dear Verna,
I had been looking for a silver ring with red stones in it, and didn’t want to pay a fortune for it. I came across your site, and I loved the selection you have. There were several to choose from, but knew I had finally found the right place to buy my ring. I made up my mind and when it came, I was even more thrilled as the picture just didn’t do it justice. It’s gorgeous. The tiniest detail to the craftmenship of the ring made me a firm believer of quality jewelry from a reputable dealer, and at a very nice afforable price. I would not hesitate to buy from this company again, and again.
Thanks so much Verna.
Sylvia R.

Thank you so much for my order. I am 100% satisfied and will recommend your services to all my friends!!!
T. S.

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order today, and that the items I ordered are even more beautiful in person than on the website.
Thank you, and Happy New Year.

Hi Verna,
Thanks for letting me know about winning this drawing and posting my name on the website as the monthly winner! I am very excited because I NEVER win anything, and I have won the monthly drawing on your site twice now! (the other time I won a gorgeous Victorian style potpourri holder). Your jewelry is both beautiful and unusual and I get compliments on it often!

The customer service is wonderfully personal, which is a rare treat in this day of anonymous mega-merchants. The lovely jewelry, free gifts, drawings, sales and discounts, and fast shipping will draw me back to shop again and again…for myself and for gifts. Keep up the good work. You are a gem…
Sheryl D.

HI, I wanted to thank you for getting the ring I was looking for in my size and letting me know it was in so fast…what would I do without you? I’ll be back! Thanks again.
Sue K.

I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service! If not for you, I would have paid more for my order by forgetting the discounts I qualified for. I’ll pay more attention next time. lol Quality jewelry AND Quality service. Who could ask for more!
Take care and thank you.
Alex W.

I just had to write to let you know how much I love the three Peruvian Necklaces my husband bought from your website for my birthday. They are unique, exotically lovely and I very much enjoy wearing them! I’ve received many compliments and am always wearing them. Best of all, they are lightweight, which I love. It’s like wearing a feather. I wasn’t much of a necklace person, until now!

Sterling silver jewelry collection is a great place to shop. I spent an hour going through all your stuff and finally ordered way more than I should have. I just wanted to write and thank you for the fast shipping and for giving me the discounts I forgot to take. I will remember next time! I’ll be sure to tell my friends!
Thanks for your service.
Sue T.

I wanted to say your sterling silver is great, but it was nice to find you carried gold and fashion too. I found it convienient to shop here. I’ll be sure to tell my friends where I got “their” jewelry.
Kathy S.

This is a “very nice” and quality piece of sterling silver jewelry at “half” the expected price . . . and with your personal touches and treats which remind me of “a package from home” back when I was in the military and overseas . . . I almost feel “guilty” in “getting sooo much” for what seems to be (in comparison) sooo little.
What A Bargain! And even further of “a deal” when one considers the discounts you offer . . . even to those of us too lazy to do the reading and “really” qualify for them!
Please feel free to use my e-mails . . . . which tell of a most enjoyable online shopping experience and a place I am sure I will have a “need” to continue visiting in the future. You certainly deserve the “makes it all worthwhile feeling” . . . having “more than” earned it.
Thank you sooo very much Verna . . . you are a “delight” . . . to deal with.
Jerry C.

The customer service I received from Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection was nothing less than excellent. I placed an order for a gift that I was anxious to give. The product was a silver pendant and chain which is absolutely perfect and arrived in excellent condition. I most certainly will be shopping with Sterling Silver jewelry Collection again. Thanks for the super customer service.
Judy S.
London, Ontario, Canada

HI, thank you for helping me find the perfect gift for my boss and the nice gift wrapping. She really loved it! Now, I’m sure we’ll both be back!
Thanks again
Karen F.

HI, I can’t believe you gift wrapped every piece of jewelry I ordered! What a great place to shop for Christmas gift. Wonderful prices too. Thanks so much for being there when I needed you.
Susan R.

Thank you for your no frills, make everything simple site! I just had to let you know, I enjoyed my time shopping here. It’s so stressing to shop many other places online these days. Looking forward to coming back. Thanks again!
Cheryl T.